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Guided Job Search | The Project: Job Search team, featuring Nick Mitrakis
Nick Mitrakis
Nick Mitrakis
Senior Instructor

About the Instructor

Nick has worked at Fortune 100, and global public and private companies in the US and Europe. He's been both a hiring manager and a job seeker, an executive, a CFO and COO of recruiting firms, and a recruiter. He's truly had the 360° view of job search and brings this expertise to the Project: Job Search method.

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Get on the FAST TRACK to your DREAM JOB! This is your guided job search, created to provide structured help — from A to Z, without leaving anything out.

Here's a road map to finding your next job, showing you how to make every step of your search active and engaged, never passive.

This course includes easy-to-use, downloadable tools to help you take your search to the next level and edge out your competition.

Don't waste another day winging it, get started on your own Project: Job Search now.

You'll receive class videos with corresponding QuickStart Guides and worksheets for the following topics:

Class 1 » Positioning Statement

Class 2 » Résumé

Class 3 » Exit Statement & Power Line

Class 4 » Cover Letter

Class 5 » Online Presence

Class 6 » Routine & Network

Class 7 » Target Companies, Inside Contacts & Posted Jobs

Class 8 » Unposted Jobs

Class 9 » Interviewing & Following Up

Class 10 » Negotiating & Probation Period

Course Contents

10 Videos
3 Texts
17 PDFs
9.0 hrs

Ten video lectures with downloadable worksheets and reference materials.