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Nick Mitrakis
Nick Mitrakis
Senior Instructor

About the Instructor

Nick has worked at Fortune 100, and global public and private companies in the US and Europe. He's been both a hiring manager and a job seeker, an executive, a CFO and COO of recruiting firms, and a recruiter. He's truly had the 360° view of job search and brings this expertise to the Project: Job Search method.

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Get on the FAST TRACK to your DREAM JOB! This is your guided job search, created to provide structured help — from A to Z, without leaving anything out.

Here's a road map to finding your next job, showing you how to make every step of your search active and engaged, never passive.

This course includes easy-to-use, downloadable tools to help you take your search to the next level and edge out your competition.

Don't waste another day winging it, get started on your own Project: Job Search now.

You'll receive class videos with corresponding QuickStart Guides and worksheets for the following topics:

Class 1 » Positioning Statement

Class 2 » Résumé

Class 3 » Exit Statement & Power Line

Class 4 » Cover Letter

Class 5 » Online Presence

Class 6 » Routine & Network

Class 7 » Target Companies, Inside Contacts & Posted Jobs

Class 8 » Unposted Jobs

Class 9 » Interviewing & Following Up

Class 10 » Negotiating & Probation Period

Course Contents

10 Videos
3 Texts
17 PDFs
9.0 hrs

Ten video lectures with downloadable worksheets and reference materials.